Contact Us/Donate

Donations are tax deductible and we can provide a receipt and letter explaining the DPS tax status upon request.

There are 4 ways that we can accept your donations:

  1. You can drop by our school, meet some of the team members, and leave a donation with us.  Simply email Mr. Sears.
  2. You can connect with us at one of our community events.  Again, email Mr. Sears.
  3. If you live relatively close to Durham we have a few students that will actually drop by your place of residence to receive donations.  You can arrange a visit by emailing Mr. Sears
  4. (Accepted, but not preferred) We can use PayPal to receive donations online.  Please email Mr. Sears.


Mailing Address:

Hillside New Tech InvenTeam

Hillside New Tech High School

Attn: Matthew Sears

3727 Fayetteville St.

Durham, NC 27707


One Response

  1. Hey, Great info and congrats. I have a pefect house for this project….3000 sq ft of low pitch roof that sucks in the heat in the summer and makes the cooling costs astronomical. (Not planning to steal your concept…just telling why I’m so interested!)

    1. How do the plant get watered? Will they get enough water just through rainfall??
    2. How will they get ’emergency” water during a drought?
    3. How does the home owner cleanup fall leaves that may become matte in the vines?

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