Thank You, NC! Just $3,000 Left to Raise!

Thank you so very, very much to the North Carolina community who so far have helped us raise nearly $7,000!  We’re just $3,000 from our goal!  During our conference call with MIT this afternoon, we found out that we’ll be one of the four teams presenting our work to the audience full of amateur and professional inventors at EurekaFest (above and beyond the gallery walks)!

We’ve had great community members giving advice for our fund raising.  Now that the raffle has ended, we’d love to have your ideas.  It’s been suggested that we post how people can donate to our program so we have put that link at the top of our site along with the “Contact Us” tab.  While we’re happy to accept donations, we aren’t afraid to work for our funds either.  Please shoot us any ideas you might have for what we could do to get us to our goal.

If we make it, we will have 11 students (3 female, 8 male) heading to Boston this summer to make North Carolina proud!

Thanks again!  ~Hillside New Tech InvenTeam


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